Since the Good Times® trademark inception in 2005, Our cigar portfolio has delivered 14 consecutive years of annual volume growth. Consumer demand for our unique product offerings has enabled Good Times® annual cigar volume to rank among the top 5 cigar companies competing in the U.S. market. In addition to the domestic market, Good Times® products are sold in over 23 countries worldwide.

Our tradition of quality cigar blends and formulas began with the House of Windsor®, a York County Pennsylvania cigar manufacturer, founded in 1918.* The company’s brands are instantly recognizable in the cigar industry, from one of the oldest lines of flavored cigars in the market -Wolf Bros® to many other popular brands such as Caribbean Royales®, Caribbean Casinos®, Caribbean Petites®, Windsor®, and House of Windsor®, to name a few. In fact, the quality was so impressive, we bought the company.+

Although the cigar industry has undergone a drastic transformation in the past 100 years, the key ingredients and methods used to produce Good Times™ cigar products, remain the same. Much like a long list of ingredients a chef uses to create a signature dish, there are so many separate components used in any given blend, which makes a typical House of Windsor™ blend virtually impossible to copy or duplicate. Traditional House of Windsor® products, like those called favorites by Albert Einstein and General Douglas MacArthur, will continue to be enjoyed by future generations of tobacco aficionados.§

Why is Good Times® the fastest growing cigar company in the USA? Our products are made with the highest standard of quality and tradition. The Good Times® portfolio represents the most comprehensive in our industry, featuring a myriad of cigars, cigar wraps, rolling papers, and cones. Our product lines are represented by established brands, each appealing to a specific set of consumer demands. Good Times® brands range from premium hand-made long filler cigars to price value machine made multipacks, tipped, no tipped, and filtered. We offer Natural leaf, HTL, and Hemp products, each with pre-priced or no priced options. Good Times® is a one stop cigar company.